We carry all of the construction tools and equipment you need for both small and large projects.


Wood for construction decking
and formworks.

Sawmill Wood Sizes 2x2, 2x4, 2x6

Length: 14FT, 16FT

X-Bracing Scaffold

High Quality Steel with precision. Easy to install and dismantle.

Length: 3m - Width: 1m - Height: 2m

Steel foot board

High quality scaffold platform.

Length: 300cm - Width: 30cm -
Height: 5cm

Tie Rod

Tie rod is used to draw and bind together parts of a structure

Length: 122cm - Thickness: 18mm


Props provide temporary support for structures.

Height Range: 3.5m and 4.2m - Load: 20kn

Washer and Nut

Are part of tie rod accessories and
find application for meeting the
demands at construction sites.
Designed and manufactured to
provide for long service life, these
deliver high performance and are
also resistant to corrosion.

Concrete Mixer

Self Loading with accessories
Manual Loading 300 LTR / 400 LTR

Roller Compactor

Double Drum Hand Road Roller.
Mainly used to RAM the asphalt
surface and gravel, sandy soil.

  1. Good engine, quality assurance,
    superior performance, easy to
  2. Small operating radius, can work
    within small area.
  3. Adopts America EATON static
    hydraulic drive device with stepless
    speed regulation, reverts
    conveniently and long life.

Wheel Barrow / Galvanized Bucket

Heavy Duty and Light Duty Capacity: 130kg, Length: 1500mm,
Width: 600m, Height: 510mm,
Volume: 130 Liter

Shuttering Clamp

High quality scaffold platform.

Clamps manufactured for steel and
timber formwork providing desired
support to columns. Available Sizes: 70cm, 90cm and

Rapid Clamps / Clip

Are for docking formworks during
concrete castings. The Rapid system
guarantees fast set up and ultrfast
removal or wooden formats.

Plate Compactor

It is a perfect machine used to
impact the foundation while building
road or some square ground.
The vibratory force is generated by the
rotating centrifugal weight driven by
gasoline engine .This can make the plate
work to impact the ground hard. Different brand of gasoline
engine are available